Post-production DVD Authoring
•  DVD authoring and menu design
•  Transcoding and programming
•  Motion Menu GUI creation
•  Professional Encoding
TotalCode Professional is a widely used encoder for DVD and Blu-ray Disc, adopted as the gold standard encoder by top compression and authoring facilities around the globe and used for high-profile feature film titles.
We can create outstanding PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for your specific conference needs, or we can take your existing presentation deck and give it that extra kick to make you the center of attention.

We can also help you communicate your points in a more effective and dynamic way so that your audience remembers every word you said.
Transfering your video presentation to an online format is not at all as easy as it seems. When people think of how easy it is to upload to YouTube, they are not actually aware of the proper way to ensure that all of your target audience, using all of their various devices, can see your video presentation. Here's a great link that pretty much covers the hurdles of encoding online video: